Nov-23-2012 (#19133) By: dingledd (points: 200, rank: 63)

Mexican Kids set kitten on fire , unkown location
(Warning, this video contains scenes of raw violence against animals and can sensitize the viewer) Here the link: the original video was posted on the profile page "the corner of memes" has been shared more than twenty thousand times ...

(To see the video you may need to be logged into facebook, because video is uploaded on a page of the social network named).

In the video released by facebook pages, it is clear to "sadistic
teenagers", if not "idiots" who live burn a helpless "baby kitten"
mientrsa desperate fighting the fire burned alive while their MURDERERS
laugh out loud and rekindle the fire several times with gasoline. At the end of the video, the kitten is dying with sighs of pain, helpless under the criminal actions of the young.

The video is released by several animal welfare groups, alerted by
violence and disregard for life that show Mexican adolescents in the
recording. So far it is not known the identity of adolescents.


What sad news that even in my country no government to defend the rights of animals. Urgent! Act approval for the Protection of Animals.

Law and inhuman prison to punish those who abuse animals!

Until then ... To raise awareness.

Here ando:

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20 hours ago (#125172) By: Guest user - Id: SczGTg2sWo

Lord my God, save that poor kitten, take it to a better place I pray, FUCK THE OTHERS FOR LIFE!!!! MAKE EM FUCKED BY SATAN AND LET SATAN FUCK THEM AS HARD AS THEY FUCKED THAT POOR KITTEN

May-14-2016 (#124602) By: Guest user - Id: l31LIRwbFk

Fucking spics build a wall

May-8-2016 (#124014) By: Guest user - Id: ZMJs35pUkU

Poor innocence. Im so heartbroken.

May-6-2016 (#123951) By: kasrowi (points: 5, rank: -)

I paused the video, i cant watch it... I can watch people died crushed, behead, shot in the head, hanged, even burned, but i cant watch anything with cats and dogs abused, idk why i just cant... I hope they got a punishment, tied em up both hands and legs, stripped them and burn their dick.. Yeah their dick only, if the fire goes out, just add some again and again till their dick fell off crisp...

May-6-2016 (#123945) By: Guest user - Id: bI3D.SLP2A

I would fuck these little faggots up

Apr-23-2016 (#123356) By: 응 니애미 창녀였는데 뒤짐 - Id: 1ve.ujguJ.

존 나 애미 뒤진 병신티 내네
애미 뒤진 일본 쪽바리 새끼야 니 살이 타는데 내가 쳐웃으면서 기름 부으면
기분 좋아? 병신아 제발 짜져살아
초딩보다 더 지능이 딸려ㅉ

Apr-23-2016 (#123355) By: 애미 뒤진 작자 새끼 - Id: 1ve.ujguJ.

제발 애미 뒤진 티 내지말자 쪽바리새꺄^^ fuckfuck ㅗ^^ㅗ ㅗㅗ

Apr-13-2016 (#122863) By: Guest user - Id: 5aFK47LQ2k

beaners, they should have killed themselves, save us trouble for later.......

Apr-12-2016 (#122793) By: john - Id: UROw3wFrWw

That was pretty funny. You cant blame us for enjoying this kind of entertainment. Have you ever seen the movie apocolypto? Were indians/barbaric/ignorant, etc. Its in our blood sorry.

4 days ago (#125000) By: Guest user - Id: .B2vSBIKfw

What would be even more funny would be if these wasted pieces of life were ass-raped by thousands of men for over a month, tortured, then chained up and set on fire as the bitch whores who shat them out are forced to watch -- being told that they will be tased for each outburst and raped 100 times each time they express ANY sympathy to these crotch droppings. Then the whore bitches who shat them out are to be blinded so that is the last they ever see.

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