Nov-23-2012 (#19133) By: dingledd (points: 200, rank: 63)

Mexican Kids set kitten on fire , unkown location
(Warning, this video contains scenes of raw violence against animals and can sensitize the viewer) Here the link: the original video was posted on the profile page "the corner of memes" has been shared more than twenty thousand times ...

(To see the video you may need to be logged into facebook, because video is uploaded on a page of the social network named).

In the video released by facebook pages, it is clear to "sadistic
teenagers", if not "idiots" who live burn a helpless "baby kitten"
mientrsa desperate fighting the fire burned alive while their MURDERERS
laugh out loud and rekindle the fire several times with gasoline. At the end of the video, the kitten is dying with sighs of pain, helpless under the criminal actions of the young.

The video is released by several animal welfare groups, alerted by
violence and disregard for life that show Mexican adolescents in the
recording. So far it is not known the identity of adolescents.


What sad news that even in my country no government to defend the rights of animals. Urgent! Act approval for the Protection of Animals.

Law and inhuman prison to punish those who abuse animals!

Until then ... To raise awareness.

Here ando:

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2 hours ago (#133981) By: dansfnm - Id: EVIppX3Hxk

sadistic Mexican juvenile trash!!! I've seen a few other videos like this and i cant see how anyone can find this kind of behavior funny. it makes me sick. this type of human waste, Mexican or otherwise, should all be gathered up and burned alive like the Jews were killed in Auschwitz. a horrible thing to say or think, however these types of actions toward other living things deserve the same gruesome, painful and agonizing end!!!!!

one day ago (#133912) By: Guest user - Id: Y.aGWem/Dw

if I was there I whould cut those kids legs off while there alive

9 days ago (#133345) By: zxc987 (points: 48, rank: -)

Sick little bastards, they will bun hell now.

Oct-5-2016 (#132667) By: Guest user - Id: 9fSViVHcIA

perono niños hijos de las 10.000 putas, re malparidos

Oct-2-2016 (#132527) By: Guest user - Id: nowUeqH/42

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that cat just wanted to live

Sep-30-2016 (#132461) By: Guest user - Id: I5glNd8HOA

I wish these idiots got burned instead of the cat even if you don't like an animal does not mean you can be cruel to it

Sep-27-2016 (#132331) By: Guest user - Id: 567rH9eT12

I hope u died

Sep-22-2016 (#131932) By: chaparro - Id: GBCuQP/xqw

set those pieces of shit on fire too.

Sep-20-2016 (#131788) By: finejaguar (points: 1, rank: -)

This is awful

Sep-20-2016 (#131786) By: Guest user - Id: u1Ig0t3W9k

I'm Mexican and I own a cat and she's spoiled rotten. This is not a race thing. These guys are just ignorant shitholes who think it's funny to hurt that poor kitten.

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